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Wed Jul 1 07:20:28 PDT 1998

It has been written........

>citizens took their kids out to THEIR OWN BOFFER TOURNEY FIELD!  They had
>their own armor, their own weapons, and displayed their own arms. 

We need this kind of thing. We are loosing many 12-17 year olds due 
to their desire but legal inability to particpate in the action sport 
end of the SCA......fighting.

I normally don't have much to say on the list, but I add a LOUD YES 
for some type of activity of this type for these young people to be 
able to particpate and play.

If we have to change Kingdom law to do this....let's get moving.

>A fellow Ansteorran who was standing nearby said, "Why, it's against 
either >Texas state law or Oklahoma state law... not sure which... 
for kids to be >involved in this type of full contact roughhousing.  
I thought *everyone* >knew that."

Texas has some really dumb laws on the books, but to my knowledge 
this is not one of them. I would have to see in in the Vernons 
Statues to believe it. If this is true, it would rule out the icon of 
all Texas icons...Football.

>I have, right now, sitting on my hard drive, a letter for the new 
KMoC, the >KKM, the KS and the Crown with a proposal on beginning a 
boffer tourney >system for our young people.

SHIP IT.....Send me a copy, I too will add a letter.

> Try telling a 15 year old that they have to wait 3 WHOLE YEARS to 
> fight. Thats a liftime to them. A boffer circuit would fill that 
> void rather nicely. You also cant ignore the fact that these 16-17 
> year-olds would be getting some great training and could come out to 
> the "Major leagues" with a good head on their shoulders and a good 
> wrap shot to yours.  :>)

I have been telling that to a 16 year old since he was 14. Now he is 
on the verge of dropping out of the SCA cause he is bigger and 
stronger than some fighters now, yet can't fight. 3 years to a 15 or 
16 year old is a lifetime. Many of us are now in our late 30's and 
40's. Roll back the tapes and think about when you were that young.

> However, IMHO, the biggest benefit would be that these kids would 
> learn honor and chivalry with a little help from their folks. Which 
> would you rather have your kids do, play in SCA combat, or play 
> little league baseball? (with all those crazy parents who scream at 
> the coach, at their kid, and everyone else)

Excuse me for a moment......soap box on mode......

My son is (and not because he is my son...but I have told this by 
many unsolicted comments in and out of the SCA) one of the most 
honorable young men they know.

I owe this DIRECTLY to his particpation in the SCA and the teachings 
of fine folks like Sir Keif, HE Lorriane, HL Yoshi, TE David st David 
and Chrystal and many fine other fighters, Lords, Ladys and players 
of the SCA that have had an influance on his life. I do not have to 
worry about the late night phone call from the Sheriffs office 
telling me to come bail him out.

The retaining of the young people particpating in the SCA (read 
mostly teenagers) needs to be made a Society wide priority. As we get 
older, who will pick up the sword and carry it on???

We have a very valuable asset here that is slipping away. 

Don't feel alone on this problem. Many other "hobby activites" such 
as Amateur Radio is having the same problem. Young peoples time and 
attention is at such a high demand that they are stretched beyond 

We have to offer them something to keep that attention focused. If 
they want to fight (as is in my sons case), lets help them do so. 

If we don't, well, some day we will all be too old to pick up that 
sword or rapier and we will just fade away. BTW...this can be 
graphicly demonstrated by the declining numbers of members we have. 

Soap Box mode off........

Sorry for the long post, but it is a hot button. I can not do  
anything alone. But, a combined effort of many can.

Lets get moving.

Lord Nikolas......Ravens Fort


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