ANST - Was Amtgard vs. SCA/now: SCA Youth

j'lynn yeates jyeates at
Thu Jul 2 18:07:31 PDT 1998

On 2 Jul 98, at 19:09, Laury Torrence wrote:

> Thanks 'wolf!  As we had all sort of reached a joint conclusion that there
> *is* a problem, other than the "boffer tourneys", what else can we come up
> with as a feasable way to encourage a change in mind set for us "adults". 

it's not a new problem.  it's been coming up on a semi-regular basis for 
years ... it's simply becoming a more widespread and clearly defined issue 
with more people acknowledging it as a problems that needs to be 
addressed.  i remember discussions (and probably have seome of them 
archived in my files) about it in older kingdoms from almost 15 years back.

in many way's it parallels the "neophyte" discussions ... ie: how to make 
the society more attractive to other than the established, long-term players. 

... once you stop growing, you start dieing
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