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Bob Dewart gilli at
Sun Apr 15 18:20:33 PDT 2001

Last time I looked there was.  It has 72 on it and I'm the list
administrator.  Would you like to subscribe?

Sometimes the most proper thing to do is to do the right thing even if it
isn't the popular thing.  Dogs bark when something isn't right.  Perhaps the
tree is on fire and folks just think there's a bar-b-que going on.


> Gilli isn't there a list for conversations about archery?
> Sometimes the most proper thing to do is take a big breath, count to 10,
> go with the flow instead of fighting it.  It's easier than barking at a
> tree.
> I want to make something clear. "I" don't want to force anyone to change
> anything.  The current SCA rule allow for both personal eye protection and
> ABDs, if the participants want to use them.  Use them if you want to.
> However; I don't believe I've ever heard we need to make the arrows "X"
> amount safer.  It's just been change them or I will.  Well, we're way past
> the "99% safe rule".  It would be a SWAG, but I think there was at least
> 5,000 to 7,000 arrows and bolts flying around at one time or another at
> war.   Darcy and I and Middleford had well over a thousand there.  We had
> incidents.  So what does that work out to?
> How safe is safer?
> Gilli

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