[Ansteorra] The Texas Rennaisance Festival Demo

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The statement, "being of the period in a way that appeals to our patrons",
says it all.  They are there to make money.  We do what we do to have fun
and enjoy ourselves and bring part of history back to life.  We are in it
for what we give back to history, not what history can give back to us.  So,
while I am sorry to see that opportunity to share the SCA with more people
at this yearly demo, if the attitude at TRF has become about the money, I
can't say that I disagree with the coordinator's decision.
Lady Marion

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> I'm going to have to disagree with this statement:
> --- Baronman at aol.com wrote:
> > It's not the SCA, it's the lost revenue.
> I personally feel that it's a difference in stylistic
> approach between the two groups. I don't feel that
> either approach is bad...just different from each
> other. Sitting in front of me right now is a copy of
> the 2002 TRF Participant's Handbook, and here is a bit
> of a quote from it that I think illustrates one of the
> main differences in approach that we have from the
> rest of the participants:
> "Our [the TRF Participants'] goal is to give the
> appearance of being of the period in a way that
> appeals to our patrons, and allows us to complete our
> faire day's tasks. The basic things that can be
> portrayed are:
> *The clothing
> *A modified version of the language and speech
> patterns
> *The daily activities
> *The mannerisms and customs
> *The superstitions
> *The likes and dislikes"
> From what I have seen in the SCA, I don't think that
> our approach to re-creating the Middle Ages coincides
> with this statement.
> Cahira
> (If you disagree, please feel free to contradict me; I
> am merely stating my opinion based on what I've seen
> in the SCA and read in the TRF Participant's Handbook)
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