[Ansteorra] Just my two pence...TRF

Shane B shaneb at ij.net
Mon Dec 9 12:06:55 PST 2002

I have never taken anything you have said or done as a challenge Pendaran
but to answer your question I miss the olde SCA/Rennie
relationship.  Having done BOTH for years it is kind of like a divorce
between your mom and dad if you take my meaning...One tends to blame the
parent leaving sometimes I guess.


>I'm just curious - and I don't mean this as a challenge - but what do you
>find offensive about TRF asking the SCA to leave? Is the manner in which
>they did it, or just the fact that they kicked us out (so to speak)?
>Just curious,
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>I still admit that I believe that I find TRF's treatment of the SCA was
>offensive.  I currently do not live in Texas/Oklahoma although I am a
>home-grown Ansteorran and one of the founding members of the Barony of
>Bonwicke, when and if I move back TRF is already crossed off of my list of
>things to go to...

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