[Ansteorra] Branch Champions responsibilities and privileges

Patrick Cuccurello pat at adtelusa.com
Wed Jan 23 11:31:57 PST 2002

> >> While I love sharing the field with my champion, that could be a bit
> sticky for someone who is the champion of more than one
> >> barony. I believe that Jehanne and I  share a common chivalric champion
> with Ravensfort and Elfsea. That fine individual being
> >> HE Sir Timo. Perhaps we can come up with some sort of time share
> arrangement for Timo. Just a thought.
> Pendaran

Hehehe....well that is kind of a "Kingdom Anthropological Difference"(tm)
here.  Over in Kingdom X, it would almost be unheard of for a person to be a
Champion of two Baronies at one time.  The idea being, what if these two
Baronies came into conflict and the Baron of Barony A challenged the Baron
of Barony B?  You would be in the position to have to fight yourself :) Um,
sometimes over there Baronies can be less than--shall we say--cordial, to
each other <<grin>>  This has actually happened where the Baronial Champion
of Tyr Ysgithr and the Baronial Champion of Atenveldt (who was the same
person) ran around the field kicking himself in the butt. Since every time
he died, it was a "double kill" the fight went on for quite awhile.  Of
course the two Barons planned the exchange/offense so they could place him
in that position.  It was quite funny, but illustrates the point of "How do
you serve two masters"?  How can you, in essence by entering the lists for a
Barony, say I will be your Champion and Guardian to protect the Barony
against all who might stand against it--and then a couple months later say,
well, I can't really do that this weekend.....let see...how about next
Friday? I really have this engagement with Barony X to protect them this
weekend.  <<grin>>

I realize that this does not completely translate into Ansteorran culture
and traditions, but I thought folks might be interested in how it's done
elsewhere.  I was brought up to believe that a Baronial Champion was a
valued and important part of a Barony.  Many times I encounter people here
considering it a stop on the "Dog and Pony Show" to a Peerage without any
commitment to the Barony or it's people.  The Champion is just another title
to add to another title.  I know that sounds somewhat harsh, and I really
don't mean it to be, I just cannot think of a better way to put it.  I don't
believe that one is any better than the other, they both have their pluses
and minus--they are just different.

I guess, for me at least, I prefer the title to mean more than just winning
a competition or beating everyone else up on a Saturday afternoon.  A true
honor is naught without work (yeah, I know--it's the Pelican in me
<<grin>>).  I think we should expect more from those who win honors and
those that win honors should expect more from themselves.  But then, I've
been known to be wrong on numerous occasions  :)


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