[Ansteorra] Feast Reservation Manners

Otter 0tter at earthlink.net
Mon May 5 17:51:16 PDT 2003

Greetings: I think this is a great idea. To go further, maybe it might
be better to have a policy for feast that a made reservation is a paid
reservation with either no refunds or refunds by a certain date. This
would alllow the food purchase prior to the feast be paid for without
loss to the hosting group. Festival of Japan successfully did this and
it prevented losses on a feast that could be mighty expensive.

I've had experience in other places with the paid feast reservation and
it make sense to do so. Site fees could even be done this way, saving
time at the gate, but it would have to be worked out by the groups and
the exchequer/reeve offices.

My two cents worth >> Otter

Bob Dewart wrote:

>Greetings and Hi There,
>The recent Crown feast brought to my mind a sad state that is far to common
>within this GREAT Kingdom of Heroes of ours.
>OK Gilli, what are you going to upset us about now? you say?  Feast
>reservations is my answer.  Now I do fully understand that last minuet stuff
>can happen that makes one change their event feasting plans.   While
>carrying  a good chunk of the kitchen equipment for this Crown kitchen, I
>was fully expecting to break down somewhere along the way.  Luckily, my Lady
>and I made it.  This has not always been our good fortune.
>However, barring some sort of catastorphe, if one, prior to the event
>decides not to feast, they should let the feast folks know about it.
>Folks are costing this Kingdom and it's various groups THOUSANDS of dollars
>a year because they don't cancell their reservation.
>Food that is bought because of reservations cost, that mondane thing called
>MONEY.  At a large event, that can be a significant amount.
>When an event is sold out, most other folks will make alternate eating
>plans.  Then, when those reversations don't show up, lost of money is lost.
>All I'm saying is that, if, possible inform the feastocrat.  If not, pay
>your contractual agreement for the feast.
>OK, yell back all you want.
>Shoot more arrows.  You're bound to hit something.
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