[Ansteorra] Waterlord

chiara chiara at io.com
Mon May 26 13:45:50 PDT 2003

And ya know, for some odd reason no one ever camps on the driest part of the
site, well they did during 20th year, but never since. That grassy parking
lot behind the civic center, that is primo camping area that NEVER floods.

The last I heard we had 900 this year. Formal numbers coming I am sure, we
are just now home from cleaning and repacking the storage unit.

Kingdom Vscribe, Ansteorra
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: <sigh>
: Folks, there is a never-ending search going on for a site that offers what
: Canton does:  lots of camping areas, easy access to water and
: handicapped-accessible camping, large air conditioned hall, wide open
: for activities, allowances for equestrians and coursers, and a bath house.
: Several of us spend a lot of time researching and visiting potential
: So far, not one has been able to measure up to Canton, even with that
: kid-dangerous "stage", the looters, and the flood-able areas added to the
: equation.
: Someone commented that there is lots of camping space we don't use, for
: odd reason in favor of the areas that do flood.  In most years, those
: don't flood, and they're more pleasant - trees, and nearness to bath house
: and activities and merchants.  The un-used areas are behind the Hall, in
: full view and easy reach of the mundane looters and their ilk.  In fact,
: those areas were used this year for overflow _parking_!
: I, too, would like to know if there is a way we can be of service to those
: who lost much.
: Gerita
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