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JUNE 25-27, 2004

  We request the honor of your presence in our fair shire of Middleford on
June 25th – 27th for Academy of the Bow.  Good Gentles please join us for an
invigorating day of Archery and then for a refreshing repast of Welsh
inspired treats.  This feast is to be served in the cool of the evening
under a restfully decorated canopy.  Enjoy foods rich in history and
tradition with the comfort of Middlefords welcoming hospitality.  Let us
entertain you with the final rounds of the Bardic of the Bow competition and
new taste sensations.  We start your journey into relaxation with Oat Nut
Loaf Bread, Flavored Butter and a rich Leek Soup.  Soon to be followed by a
Savory Hand Pie of Domestic Boar and Dried Fruit and Salat of Spinach and
Funges.  We will tantalize your taste buds with a soul satisfying Welch
Fagodua (Meat Balls) on a bed of Barley Pilaf with Peas.  To round out your
repast we would finish Bara Brith (Currant Bread), Lemon Curd, Butter and if
that doesn’t make you feel good all over, then a Fig stuffed Baked Apple
should fill that last little spot.  So come hungry but pace yourself.  The
Shire of Middleford offers this experience at $7.00 for adults $4.00 for
children under 12 years of age (this is the feast fee only).  For a true
care free day our fair Shire will be offering a Full Meal Deal which will
cover all of your dining needs on Saturday for an ultra low cost of $15.00,
$8.00 for children under 12 years.  We are taking reservations now and with
any pre-paid reservations the Feast-O-Crat has promised a welcome Soup and
Bread for those gentles that arrive before midnight.  Fair thee well and
good travel to you.  May our paths cross soon at Academy of the Bow.  The
below information should be used for feast information as well as


Ly. Ealasaid-Na-Ailea

Nikki L. Lyon

2545 E. F.M. 931

Gatesville, Texas 76528


nikkilyon at att.net

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