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Fri Sep 2 13:45:59 PDT 2005

It is too soon for any real action of this, but I wanted to see if there 
would even be anyone in a position to help.  The following was posted to 
the Armour Archive  by Ingrid an SCA'r  out of Chicago. 

> Good friend evac'd to Holley Beach, near TX, What now?

> I finally heard from my friend colleen late last night. She is in 
> Holley beach and has been there since... sunday maybe? She wants to 
> come back to chicago, her hometown, for an extednded stay, and then we 
> will find out what to do then. I want to get her here to chicago, but 
> don't know what the best advice is. If it came to it, I would drive 
> down myself. I am not sure if that is the most expedient route, it is 
> a 16 hour drive. supposing all goes well, you find gas, etc.
> Anyone know more about the situation in that area? She is a petite 
> single woman, I don't know if she has friends that she knows well with 
> her, she's staying in a 2BR house with 15+ other people, the 
> homeowners are people who she doesn't know but who should have stars 
> put in their crowns for this. Long story short. I have very little 
> info. She said they were trying to get busses there. Don't know how 
> likely that is to happen soon.I am worried about my friend. I want her 
> here ASAP, safe. I think things may get worse, I want her out now. I 
> don't know if it is overreacting (probably) but in this situation I 
> would rather over react and be too cautious and spend too much on 
> airline tickets, or pick up and drive, than to find out that something 
> awful happened to her on some 22 hour bus trip with strangers.
> Please advise.
> Ingrid

If this comes to a head, if you know someone in Bordermarch or Lake 
Charles who might be willing to help out, let me know.  Just in case you 
don't know Holly Beach is on the coast due south of Sulphur, LA on 
Highway 27 at Highway 82.

Duke Jean Richard Malcolmson

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