[Ansteorra] Re: Hey Bordermarch Folks

Robert and Tara Brinsfield trbrins at fullnet.net
Tue Sep 6 08:47:55 PDT 2005

> Depending on the region the lady in waiting in, someone coming to get
> her may not be allowed into the region due to roads and power being out;
> don't know about Sulphur, LA.
> But, Continental maybe an option for those trying to get home.
> Regards, Hillary / Stargate

The closest major airport to Sulphur, Louisiana is Houston. Lake Charles has
a small airport but it may be pretty full. Both Lake Charles and Sulphur
have power. (I was born and raised there and played in the Shire of
Blackmoor Keep, which is the local group in that area) I have been in
contact with friends and family there and Southwest Louisiana wasn't hit
hard at all. Best of luck to your friend, Colleen, and I am glad to hear she
got out of there. May her trip to you be blessed.

Lady Margeurite le Chanvierre
Barony of Eldern Hills

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