[Ansteorra] Re: Letters of Marque - was pirates v vikings

Duncan MacNamara duncan_macnamara at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 12 21:00:23 PDT 2005

Well, to answer your question... *I* fall somewhere midway between "just 
fun" and "historical". There are several reasons for this... one is that if 
you're not having fun, then it's time to pack up and go home. I have the 
drive and the desire to be more accurate, but I will never be 100%. Nor will 
90% of the people in the SCA. However... as I said, I have the desire to 
grow and become more accurate. Hence the reason for a Letter of Marque, and 
one that I will not have to drive all over the Gods' green earth to get 
renewed every 6 months. I want to portray our crew as privateers, not just 
to "shut up" the naysayers, but because I *do* love my kingdom, and would be 
proud to call ourselves Privateers of Ansteorra. But on the other hand, I 
don't want to mis-represent myself either. I will not lie and claim to be a 
privateer when I have not recieved a LEtter of Marque. My personal code of 
honor won't allow it. I could always go the route of "I don't care what 
anyone thinks, I will portray what I dang well please unless TRM themselves 
tell me otherwise", but I do genuinely wish to play from a more... how do 
you say... "proper" standpoint. Most of my crew, however, is in this just 
for fun. And in the end, no matter how much you involve the SCA into your 
life, it IS still "just a game".

And I *do* research about 80-90%. Yes, I imitate some things from hollywood, 
but so do alot of people in the SCA... and not just the pirate/privateer 
personas. My point is there is a middle ground that can be met. It shouldn't 
have to be "all or nothing". If we required 100% accuracy to play, we'd have 
about 100 members worldwide. But my method of operation is thus: I 
do/carry/portray as accurately as possibly within my budget while still 
being able to lighten the mood and have fun. That's 90% of it. The other 10% 
of it is there because it either just looks neat, or for comedy. Like using 
movie quotes in situations where it lightens the mood and creates a moment 
of comedy.

Another thing is that I am a bard. We tend to be a bit more creative when it 
comes to the "Creative" part of the SCA. Otherwise, there would be no 
filks... ;)

And as I've said before... it's not like I'm a freeloader, or just show up 
to events for the party. I pay my membership dues, I contribute with 
volunteer efforts (I have 3 awards for service), usually doing things that 
I'd rather chew on nails than do. As a Bard, I'm out there doing my part, as 
a fighter I fought at 18 tourneys and 4 Wars before I realized that it was 
not in my best interest(health) to continue, and in my field (period 
nautical-related activities/research) I spend countless hours pouring over 
research material. I work on Arts and Sciences projects. I've also served in 
2 offices and have been the Chivalric Champion of one Household. And before 
any of you reading this gets upset and mis-interprets what I'm trying to 
say, no I am not patting myself on the back. My point is that I make a 
contribution to the SCA. And that I could understand the "heckeling" of my 
persona if I were just a stereotypical hollywood wannabe, who did nothing 
but sit on his aft and drink at events, and if I didn't make an attempt at 
period garb.

So think on my words a while... I know I tend to ramble.

Lord Duncan MacNamara
Captain of the Iron Lotus
Commodore of the Allied Outlanders Fleet

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