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Have you noticed how many people are into fantasy football?  Or ever wondered who would win if you could put Evander Holyfield up against Andre the Giant?  Or say. Prince Uther vs. Sir Rashid?  Well, have I got a deal for you!


The Shire of Smythkepe proudly presents MSKD XV: The Siege of Malta.  Come and join us as His Highness Uther commands the Maltese defenders against the invasion of Sir Rashid's Ottoman Empire.  


Our Knight's Marshal, Lord Tristan Morgan, has put together several exciting scenarios for armored combat, from landing on the beaches to fighting in the town.  The combatants in these scenarios will enjoy the direct leadership of two of Gleann Abhann's finest Knights!  I can't help but wonder if either of these Knights might be interested in hiring mercenaries (Shadow Legion, Blade Runners, etc.). ;). Lord Tristan has also planned a Boar Hunt for Sunday afternoon.


Lady Avaline de Cheviere has conspired to create rapier activities that are just as challenging.  There will be a return of the infamous Flux Tourney, the Smythkepe Defender Tourney, a rousing game of Capture the Banner (for a war point), as well as fort and ship battles.

Come and test your skill at this event, which will have some of Gleann Abhann's finest rapier fighters in attendance.


And let us not forget the future of the SCA and Gleann Abhann.  Lady Cearra will be hosting Youth Combat.  Look to the young Warriors who stalk this land, for they will be competing for a war point!


But wait, there's more!  We have activities for our more peaceful friends.  Our MOC will guide the children as they create there own herd of Trojan Horses, to be judged by the populace for a war point!  Lady Eva has put together a unique competiton for those knowledgable in herbs; Herbal First Aid.  We will also have a full range of classes and A&S activities. 


We will also feature the return of our rendition of siege cooking; Cast Iron Chef.  Put together a team of the best three cooks you know!

There is no fee to compete, but your team must be registered by July 31st.  If you're curious about this competition, be sure to ask one of the Chefs from last year, including Her Royal Highness.  Everyone had a great time, and this year it's for a war point.  And, in all modesty, Smythkepe has a reputation for "feeding you to death".  So don't miss it!


THL Frederick Alton will host a siege engine competition.  Drag that ballista you've been working on out of the garage and get it ready!


I've heard rumors that both armies will have leagues of assassins working their nefarious schemes under the direction of THL Aron the Dane and THL Juan Carlos.


There are war points for virtually everything.  There will even be a point up for auction in The Falcon's Rest "tavern" Saturday night,  hosted by His Lordship Geoffrey de Bastone.  


Site fee for this three day event is $15, feast is another $5 (cash only at Troll).  This event will take place at the Rogers Scout Reservation in Ione, AR.    For more information, please visit the Smythkepe website.  We truly hope you will join us and let us share our hospitality with you as we wage war, and then part as friends.


In Service,

Le Seigneur Honorable Regné de Lyon, MOB, CAR, GACR




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