[Ansteorra] Fw: [Burkhaven] bad stuff here in the east

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Why have so many of you taken this point of view regarding the parents?
You're not in their shoes and you don't know if these parents did or did not
check this guy out, or to what extent they may have checked him out.
Perhaps he passed muster for them.  And we don't know for a fact that these
people are suing the SCA just to get rich as some of you have indicated.
Perhaps they are suing the organization to force changes in policies that
have needed it for a very long time.  Lawsuits have a way of taking on a
life of their own.  Not to paint too broad a brush for attorneys, but it's
their jobs to find deep pockets.  Perhaps the parents went to the attorneys
to force these changes and dollar signs popped up on their eyeballs like
those cartoon characters.

I say we stop hammering the parents for now until we know for a fact what
their motives are.  If there is someone out there that knows these facts
first hand, then let them come forward and correct me - or prove my point.
Either way is fine by me.

Robert de Bray

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On May 13, 2007, at 1:42 PM, HLDarcy wrote:

> Oh, yes,
> And then the parents can sue the SCA for retaliating against them.   
> How many
> lawsuits do you want the SCA to face?
> Darcy

The SCA might be forced to allow them to stay members officially.  
However, nothing in that says that the members of the Society need  
pay heed to this. SCA Inc. is one thing. The Society is another.

Right now the parents are hiding behind the shield laws. When their  
identities are known, the power of the Internet should make most  
aware of who they are both in society and in the Society. So as  
someone else mentioned, I doubt they would stay members even if they  
currently are.

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