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well said

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>Xene here:
>I hate to say this, but I'm *really* getting tired of seeing this
>Yes, I know it's important. I have 15 and 16 year old boys whom I raised
>in the SCA. Ask me in person what I did right and what I did wrong -
>I'll tell you.
>Yes, I'm also a teacher and the mother of a Boy Scout, so those policies
>are ingrained into the very fiber of my being.
>Yes, I've made the typical mistakes of parents and not watched my kids
>Yes, there have been pedophiles in Ansteorra. I've known one personally,
>but he is no longer on this Earth. A background check would not have
>done a bit of good on him. Even his wife didn't know.....and it's a
>very, very sad story.
>My suggestion.....start a yahoo group to discuss this off-line from the
>Ansteorra group and/or set up "user group" meetings so that you can
>discuss this in person and build on the knowledge that each of you
>brings to the group.
>Everyone who has posted to this thread has good, valid ideas and are
>trying to brainstorm with each other on an important topic. Group
>discussions work well in a separate environment or in person.
>One more thing.....
>Why do we always have to come up with rules that legislate what should
>be Common Sense? Does Zero Tolerance mean lack of judgement?
>Do our leaders really believe that we are too stupid for that? Or do
>they just have to keep on making new rules to justify their existence?
>Lately, Ansteorra (and the SCA) has been becoming so legalistic and
>bureaucratic that it is stifling to new growth, new membership, and the
>health of old groups. Requiring baronies to take six months for their
>new landed nobles selection process, not allowing baronial candidates to
>answer questions in a group, requiring parents (instead of appointed and
>notarized substitutes) to always be with their children during martial
>competitions or fighter practices, even at age 16 and 17 when they can
>drive themselves.....And that's just the tip of the iceberg as rules go.
>(BTW, my 16 year old has worked for almost a year at a BBQ place with
>adults and customers who have not undergone background checks, uses very
>sharp knives every day, and deals with hot grills and fryers that can
>burn him. I never signed a parental release form, either.)
>I'm just afraid that our bureaucracy and fears of litigation will
>destroy the Society for Creative Anachronism.
>In Service to Crown and Kingdom,
>A Cranky old Pel-Laurel Baroness......Xene Theriane
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