[Ansteorra] Membership errata

Lisa Sawyer ysabeau.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 12:59:34 PST 2008

One of the issues I have with having all memberships count is that there are
a lot of children included in the family memberships. I have a family
membership including my minor daughter. I would not consider her to be a
contributing member or a viable candidate to hold office. By including ~all~
memberships, we could be artificially indicating that there are enough
members to support the offices required to be a viable group.

This ties into the pay-to-play conversation as well. Maybe we need a
membership for people old enough to hold offices (is it 21 or 18?) and
another membership for minors at a lower rate that ties into a full
membership, and an additional fee for subscriptions? This might deal with
all the issues with one stone. I think the main difference between having
two adults and one child on a family membership vs two full memberships and
child membership is that the household only gets one Black Star instead of
two and about $10. But then, I seem to remember waaay back when we were told
that that we weren't really member, we were subscribers to a magazine.

Just random thoughts on the subject,
Ysabeau of Prague

On Jan 9, 2008 10:36 PM, Pug Bainter <pug at pug.net> wrote:

>  The current Kingdom Law requires members to be subscribing
> members. <snip>
>  For years, different individuals have discussed changing the way members
> are counted to include all members but then to increase the numbers. This
> would make all memberships equal and create a larger viable officer pool
> at
> a lower out of pocket cost. I have posted some suggested starting points
> to
> the Seneschal's mailing list which has generated some discussion across
> the
> whole gambit of expected results. Unfortunately no where in the data that
> we
> receive is the age of the member, so we still don't know how many are able
> to hold an office, but there is a higher likelihood of the right number of
> people. With only 5 members, it is quite difficult (to impossible) to have
> a
> steady rotation of 3 officers where at least 2 of them are not related and
> don't live together. Even if you do manage to do this, you burn-out these
> individuals quite quickly and you have issues with reporting and the like.

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