[Ansteorra] How to help the West

Melinda melindaaerin at suddenlink.net
Fri Jan 11 19:24:54 PST 2008

Jay Rudin said:
> That's exactly what's going to happen.  I remember reading that the
> affected groups were asked if they want to become part of Trelac or
> Bonwicke, with the suggestion that the augmented Trelac consider applying
> for baronial status.
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

Unfortunately this is not the case. The region, as stated by Master Pug,
will be dissolved this weekend. The 5 groups in the region are on suspended
status pending a decision by the BOD. Those groups were given the choice who
their numbers would go to, Bonwicke or Trelac, in the instance that they are
in fact dissolved by the BOD. All groups in the region were polled as to
which region we would like to be a part of after the dissolution of the
Western Region.

Like Tivar, Dante and Penelope, I wonder why splitting the region up into
sections and those sections being absorbed by the other regions of the
Kingdom would not help with some of the problems that have been expressed
that the Western Region as a whole has. It seems to me that this might help
the problem. 

In service,
Lady Aerin of Adlersruhe
Deputy Treasurer and Chatelaine for the Barony of Bonwicke

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