[Ansteorra] Pay-2-play, Pay-2-fight, Pay-2-whatever...

Charlene Charette clclists1 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 14 01:58:09 PST 2008

Chris Zakes wrote:

> I'm opposed to the notion of requiring a membership before someone 
> can participate in the SCA. We're not like the Boy Scouts or a model 
> rocket club, where it's pretty obvious from the outside what the 
> group is about. You really have to go to a few events, maybe try out 
> the fighting or the cooking or whatever before you can make an 
> informed decision about the SCA. I expect if Joe Newbie was told "you 
> have to pay the site and feast fees *plus* $35.00 before you can come 
> to Candlemas or Bordermarch Melees or Queen's Champion," we'd see a 
> lot fewer newbies.

I've never heard anyone advocating pay-to-play without some sort of 
try-before-you-buy.  I belong to a modern embroiderer's guild; the 
organization allows newcomers to attend three meetings before they are 
asked to pay a membership fee.  The SCA could provide a means for 
newcomers to check us out before having to pay a membership fee.


Bad taste is simply saying the truth before it should be said.  -- Mel 

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