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But does Treloc have enough additional people willing to be officers  
of a barony, since a barony requires more officers than a Shire. The  
added populace might not be a good source of new candidates for the  
additional needed officers since these outlying groups would be so  
far away.

I've yet to see anyone saying what the problem currently *is* in the  
Western Region, other than perhaps one of not having enough regional  
officers. Reshuffling the regions doesn't eliminate the work, it just  
pushes it off on someone else such as the regional officers of the  
expanded neighboring regions. Or having the groups report directly to  
the kingdom officers, which would increase their workload. I'm not  
sure who the people were who voted to destroy the region are, but  
that may be one reason the latter choice wasn't chosen.

It is beginning to sound like the reason for this decision have more  
to do with making some folks jobs easier than being something that  
will help out the gentles of the Western Region.  I wish someone  
pushing this solution would tell us what the problem(s) are and how  
this solution is supposed to solve them. I don't like this "for your  
own good" explanation. I've heard too much of that from Washington  


On Jan 13, 2008, at 5:37 PM, L T wrote:

> Probably because Treloc doesn't have enough members on it's own to  
> become a Barony and needs the numbers of the groups near it to  
> become one...
> Once Treloc becomes a Barony those other groups that melded into it  
> could congeel as cantons ...
> L Deerslayer
> Robert Fitzmorgan <fitzmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:
>      Cantons make sense to me as well   In Pug's announcement to  
> the list he
> mentioned that this was one of the options that they considered,  
> but they
> choose not to go that route.  You would have to ask them why.
> Robert

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