[Ansteorra] How to help the West

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Long before this mess hit, Trelac had it's own 5 year plan to becoming a 
barony, one that did *not* include the numbers of the groups near it to 
become one.

HE AmaRyah
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> Probably because Treloc doesn't have enough members on it's own to become 
> a Barony and needs the numbers of the groups near it to become one...
> Once Treloc becomes a Barony those other groups that melded into it could 
> congeel as cantons ...
> L Deerslayer
> Robert Fitzmorgan <fitzmorgan at gmail.com> wrote:
>     Cantons make sense to me as well   In Pug's announcement to the list 
> he
> mentioned that this was one of the options that they considered, but they
> choose not to go that route.  You would have to ask them why.
> Robert
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