[Ansteorra] Events in the Last Five years

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Mon Jan 21 11:10:01 PST 2008

Persona play is not that hard. It is a very fun trip to find out what you need. In period children were told to listen to the chansons and old stories, to sagas and tales to learn how to be heroes and heroines and good people. This is wonderful place to start. Find a performer who tells stories from the literature of the culture you are interested in. Give him or her a drink and a fire, maybe some food and get some yourself and sit down and listen. Get people to talk about their campaignes in their youth or the tournaments they went to in France. This is a persona activity in it self and can be lots of fun. 
I remember a night  when Damian O'Boyle knock on my door of my duplex. He came in turned off all the lights then lit a single candle and we told ghost and other world stories. It was totally in period and a blast. 
willow de wisp

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