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many of the SCA Universities also have actual "degree plan" type things 
and often the teachers are "certified" 
and you can get a certificate in your chosen "degree"

In Ansteorra we don't require a person to go through screening in order to teach a class at the Kings College...or any other place...
except of course... the administrative classes...

for your enjoyment:


The link to the Chancellor of the University of Trimaris can be found here:

This is Ansteorra's page so you can become more educated on the Arts and Science Specific events we hold.

Caid's College - http://www.collegiumcaidis.org/

Lochac has a virtual college - http://www.sca.org.au/artsandsciences/

Royal University of Meridies - http://www.meridies.org/provost.htm
spiffy thing... they have Grand Chefs....

That's all the ones I can come up with in a 30 minute research on the net...

Have fun ;)

L DeerSlayer

Mystique <Mystique at phulesgold.com> wrote: Atlantia doesn't run them all over the Kingdom ALL the time.. it's done once a 
year.. weekend event.
Yes, classes running the whole day with lunch breaks and such.. but THAT IS what 
Kingdom University is.. CLASSES.


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King Collage isn't the same thing as a Kingdom University. We don't have one on 
purpose but I can't really remember why. In other Kingdoms you can take whole 
programs and they give you degrees. It takes a lot of organization because you 
have to have classes running all the time. and all over the Kingdom.  People in 
other kingdoms find them a lot of fun.

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