[Ansteorra] The Waterbearing Bruhaha

Rose & Chad love at roseandchad.net
Wed Jun 18 14:49:19 PDT 2008

    Additionally, friends giving their friends drinks or food would not generally be considered an "official", regulatable activity. Its sort of the difference between serving a benefit dinner and hosting a dinner party. The one would likely reach Dept. of Health regulations, the other is a Private activity.

  That's a good point, but taverns run by guilds or households are not official activities, either. However, someone could still sue the SCA for allowing them use of the facilities to possibly give somebody salmonella or any of the other dozen or so food-borne illnesses. Same thing with any sort of waterbearing guild or group setting up a post on the field. An official person gave them permission to use space and set up shop, right? And if they didn't, then why didn't the people in charge make them stop passing out potentially harmful foodstuffs? Deep Pockets still points at the SCA.
  In addition, the sort of person who would sue for getting sick from waterbearing items is the same sort of person who would sue for them not being available to a dehydrated fighter.
  And what would this proposal do to any sort of First-Aid station? Will they be banned from passing out water or other foodstuffs, as well? If not, then couldn't you call all waterbearing activities first aid activites?
  Just a thought. :)
  R the O

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