[Ansteorra] Outdoor classes

Melissa Carter honeyfrog at gmail.com
Wed May 27 11:52:28 PDT 2009

So, you say you'd like to teach a class at 30th year but it's such a messy
outdoor kind of class and you just KNOW we'd never allow you do teach it
INSIDE the hall.  Well, you're right, you couldn't teach it inside the
hall...however, we now have three outdoor classroom pavilions set aside for
just the type of class you're talking about.  One of the classrooms is
already reserved for a blacksmith class all weekend...so if you're into
pottery throwing or dyeing or any such "messy" art...please email the master
scheduler (that'd be me...Hedwig) at honeyfrog at gmail.com and give me all
your details so we can get you on the schedule and under a pavilion.
By the way, these pavilions are nestled in the treeline for some added shade
from the sun and not too far from the Hall for easy bathroom access!

Looking forward to 30th Year,
HL Hedwig, master scheduler

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