[Ansteorra] Why aren't we doing this?

Dave W wiselaw at comcast.net
Thu Nov 4 09:03:17 PDT 2010

One approach that I thought worked well was how things were handled at the
Battle of Hastings re-enactment.  There was a demarcation between the
'period' encampment and the 'plastic camp' where all sorts of modern
conveniences were in abundance.  The requirement for setting up in the
period area was to follow a 5 foot rule, head to toe, gear and all.  This
event had about 25K folks show up, so those who came through the period
encampment saw 'real history', whereas the 'plastic camp' was not on display
nor accessible to the public.
While we aren't trying to put on a show for anyone, it seems a reasonable
compromise to give a benefit of proximity to those willing to shoot for a
higher standard, while allowing everyone to play.  Obviously the line of
demarcation would depend on the site, but the idea would allow us to get
much closer to 'practicing history' while living in the modern era.
Sir Alexis

p.s. seeing about 2000 Norman foot marching in 'period' gear without any
modern gear in evidence, while alongside about 90 Norman Calvary wound over
the hills in a column of twos rates as one of those 'magic' moments that
will last a lifetime :)

>   Over the years I have developed a more, or less effective filter for
> >  modern objects.  Just as I can walk through a crowded room and ignore
> >  conversations that do not involve me but still hear someone call my
name, I
> >  can walk through an event and catch the parts that interest me and not
> >  the mundanities spoil the experience.  Most of the time anyway.
That's great and most of the time I do, too.  But every once and awhile 
I look through a photographer's eyes (I guess) and say "this is a 
perfect picture" until I see the cooler or whatever.  When I do take a 
picture I try my best to cut out the mundanities and pixel out what I 
can't when I get home.  The less 'pixeling' I have to do the better.

This doesn't mean one can't have fun anyway.  And as I said, "magic 
moments" are very rare, but very special when they happen.  I'll still 
enjoy an event without any, just as I still enjoy the SCA even when the 
personna play that I would most enjoy isn't really a very significant 
part of the game.


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