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Fri Nov 5 09:41:23 PDT 2010

Master Robert, who is a really smart guy, wrote:

On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 10:16 AM, David Whitford <dbw6969 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> One of the things I have found over time that kind of extends on what
> Aethelyan said is that if folks are really helped and pushed towards more
> accurate from the start and get the items/kit/fabrics together they tend to
> feel more vested in the group and have more of an interest in not only
> staying but becoming contributing parts of the overall game.
> Robert
I am going to take that and connect the original line of this posting and
add a little along the way.

This discussion started with the posting of an Atlantian link on
period-dress rules for fighters and headed in all sorts of directions.

To me, it resonates with the discussion we have recently had in the East
regarding what I see as slightly higher armor standards, which in
practicality come down to "Wear a decent-looking tunic to cover your
plastic." There was resistance to this among some members of Chivalry,
because it came down from the Soicety Earl Marshal as an edict. I like the

Here is where I am going. In my opinion, a lot of our Society experience is
defined by First Contact, the first, say, month or two of practices and
events. People get turned on or turned off by that Contact, and if they are
turned out, some of their experience is defined by it.

When I meet knew people, I play my Pelican role and talk about all the
volunteering going on and offer them opportunities. I also talk about
courtesy and proper dress and forms of address, etc.

I think it is critical that people running practices and teaching new
fighters do the skill and safety end, but also teach the role of
authenticity and the overall "game" of the Society. I loathe the phrase
"stick jock." I think it's a perjorative and a negative image for us. I
think everyone should be able to explore what they want to do in the
Society, but I think we have responsibilities as well. Those reponsibilities
included "playing the game" in terms of dress, comportment and volunteering.

I know marshals have a lot to do, but talking a little about fighting your
armor, weapon style, dress and persona together will go a long way. That is
not something I was exposed to at first. Fifteen years ago, I did not get
that clothing, name and backstory should fit together.

Sure, I got more. Later, though.

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