[Ansteorra] Reviews of the new Known World Handbook?

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>One for me, one to lend to newcomers
without having to worry overly that it won't find its way back again.


yep, thats how i lost my last one : (

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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> On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 3:24 PM, Tim McDaniel <tmcd at panix.com> wrote:
>> Since the new edition of the Known World Handbook has just been
>> announced, I doubt that there's many people who have had a chance to
>> see it yet.  But maybe someone on the list has, or was a proofreader
>> for it.  Any reviews yet?
> I got a chance to look through a copy at Coronation, and I must say that I
> am fairly impressed, with just the brief glance I took at the various
> articles.  (The only article I skim-read in its entirety was the one on
> heraldry, go figure!)  There's instructions with pictures on easy-to-make
> garb of a variety of period styles (basic t-tunic, slightly fancier 
> t-tunic,
> viking apron dress, a few others, hoods, etc). Many articles on different
> A&S things, including one with sheet music for a few period songs. Stuff 
> on
> customs and overall basics, but most importantly I think it is very
> carefully written to not be incorrect for any given kingdom, while still
> remaining quite useful for both newcomers and long-term people alike.
> Most interesting to me was the utter lack of any geography of the SCA. No
> map of the knowne world, no listing of kingdoms, etc.  Will certainly keep
> the handbook from becoming quickly obsolete as those sorts of things are
> rather prone to change!
> And the artwork throughout is fantastic.
> All in all, I think it a significant improvement on the previous version,
> which still holds a place on my bookshelf, but I will be ordering two 
> copies
> of the new one for myself, at least. One for me, one to lend to newcomers
> without having to worry overly that it won't find its way back again.
> -Emma
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