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Bree Flowers evethejust at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 10:40:31 PDT 2011

This totally. If you have a trailer and want to come back to it still
being there, offer to help organize security and take a shift
patrolling the lot or manning the gates in and out of it. If every
trailer owner did one shift you'd all be covered.

The truth about the stuff we want in the SCA is if you want it, the
best way to make it happen is to vote with your feet and step up to
the job. This is why A&S class lovers should take a shift volunteering
at A&S point, offer to organize classes or teach. And why people with
kids can often be found volunteering at children's point. If there's
something you love/want/need, do your part to contribute to it! :)

~Eve (A&S junkie, who can often be found co-ordinating classes or teaching them)

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 12:31 PM, Robert G. Ferrell <rgferrell at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/24/2011 12:01 PM, Cisco Cividanes wrote:
>> wow...
>> And you know, I would SO be down with that.
>> And forget armor... Ill have my handcuffs, OC spray... and a big oak stick
>> ready to dole out some medieval "woupass".
> In all seriousness, it's certainly within reason to establish a "trailer
> lot patrol" as a subset of the Watch or Parking departments. As with
> every other activity at GW, all it takes is dedicated volunteers. If
> you're willing to carry through with this, contact the Watch Commander
> as the next war grows nearer and I suspect he/she will be quite amenable
> to the idea if there are enough volunteers.
> Volunteers make it all happen.
> Did I mention we'll need volunteers?
> Cynric
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