[Ansteorra] Crown Tournament Participation Was: RE: Same Gender Consort Proposal

Kerry Pratt kpratt at sw.rr.com
Thu Jul 19 15:42:02 PDT 2012

Because it is nearly impossible for the Crown to personally know every member of the populace, the Crown usually asks
for members of the Chivalry to vouch for unbelted combatants in Crown Tournament.  If an individual plans to participate
in the Crown's List, it would be a good idea to prepare ahead of time and ask a member of the chivalry that you are
familiar with if he/she would be willing to vouch for you.  If someone has asked this of me and I am unable to attend, I
let another knight and the Crown know that I am vouching for the person so that there will not be an awkward moment of
silence when the candidate comes before the Crown.  In practice, I have never seen an unbelted participant be turned
away from the tournament.

William Cameron deBlakstan, KSCA

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Really?!  I was under the impression that anyone of any rank could in theory compete in crown.  Pretty sure I have seen
"mere" lords and ladies on the Youtube videos/


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