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Oh I agree with you completely.  

Ideally there would be all thes separate tourneys spread around the kingdom 
that got the individual attention and respect that they deserve. AND they 
would be on the Kingdom Calendar and have Balck Star ads so people would know 
in advance when they are happening and have to plan to attend and the 
organizaer would have time to prepare and do the event justice.

What we have now currently is a situation where there aren't on the calendar, 
aren't getting Black Star Ads or giving the populace more than a couple of 
weeks notice that the Champion Tournaments will take place.  And the group 
that finally does Pony up and agreee to host the things (because their event 
in on the Royal Progress) are faced with last minute planning to do and to 
top it all off, now after they have already set their budget and planned 
accordingly it is thrown out the window becuase they will now be asked to 
donate a percentage of their profits (for hosting a kingdom event) that they 
had not planned for.

We the archery community have got to pull together something better.



Wilim Penbras <wilim.penbras at> said:

> If I can play devil's advocate for a moment I'll point out one thing 
without even thinking about motives for keeping Queen's Champion a seperate 
> One event, hosted by a single group.  Gives the Kingdom a certain revenue 
based on a percentage of the profits.  This event might be a huge event and 
take in a considerable ammount but the host group WILL have to get a 
percentage.  Figure all of the regular heavies, lights, bards, Archers, and 
Equestrians will be there.  It could easily be an 1000 person event  the 
kingdom will get a nice percentage of that as it is a kingdom event(I wanna 
say 30%?).  9 events that are Kingdom events will still draw a good number of 
regular people plus the specialty group maybe around 250 people .  Bam  the 
kingdom just got 30% of the equivalent of a 2000+ person event instead of 30% 
of a single 1000 person event.
> Then there's the consideration that you really sometimes have to spread the 
Kingdom events around so perhaps some of the smaller areas get a chance at 
hosting a larger event and so the Crown has an excuse to go there and see a 
few hundred instead of only a hundred or so.
> All of these are simply opinions and are not offered as motives or 
explainations for the basting the Eadric got in private to his suggestion.
> In Service,
>      Wilim

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