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Right now, The Royal Huntsman isn't a Kingdom event.  So no money needs to
be sent forward.  However, it could be made one and then they'd get some
bucks out of it.  Oh, but then it would have to go on the calendar, etc,

Until they do, I think we can come up with the stuff out of hide to do the
shoots with.  If we difvey up the stuff to be brought, it shouldn't be too
hard on anyone.

If we want to.  There's that want to thing again.

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> Oh I agree with you completely.
> Ideally there would be all thes separate tourneys spread around the
> that got the individual attention and respect that they deserve. AND they
> would be on the Kingdom Calendar and have Balck Star ads so people would
> in advance when they are happening and have to plan to attend and the
> organizaer would have time to prepare and do the event justice.
> What we have now currently is a situation where there aren't on the
> aren't getting Black Star Ads or giving the populace more than a couple of
> weeks notice that the Champion Tournaments will take place.  And the group
> that finally does Pony up and agreee to host the things (because their
> in on the Royal Progress) are faced with last minute planning to do and to
> top it all off, now after they have already set their budget and planned
> accordingly it is thrown out the window becuase they will now be asked to
> donate a percentage of their profits (for hosting a kingdom event) that
> had not planned for.
> We the archery community have got to pull together something better.
> Regards,
> Eadric

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