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Fri Apr 6 18:30:10 PDT 2001

As I rember the post when the Royal Huntsman was first announced it was
shortly after a report in the Black Star about Ansteorra having only seven
(7) archers post scores in the IKAC and that hopefully we would do better in
the coming year. There for there would be a competition to pick a "Royal
Huntsman" and that competition WOULD BE IKAC to be shot at Stepp Warloard.
><BEGIN RANT>When did the Target in Target Archery come to mean concentric
circles?  I'm actually Welsh by birth and I have to believe that when my
acnetors went out every sunday to shoot by order of the king they shot
everything they could to break up the monotony.
>I'm sorry Plachoya but Target Archery does not = IKAC.  As long as
everybody's shot accuracy is judged the same way it's still a fair shoot.
If I could think of a way to have stalking involved so that people better at
stalking got a better shot than those who couldn't I would do it in a minute.
>Archer's aren't second class citizens but as long as we're stuck in the
IKAC rut we just have the most boring tournaments for others to watch.  I'm
the one who brought up Animal cut outs in the discussions on the format of
the last IKAC.  I'm thinking a Dice shoot would be nice for this one coming
up.  either that or dividing the target into a dart board and playing some
of the simpler dart games.  
>You show me a deer or a fighter that will stand in one place for me to have
six shots at a kill and then you'll be on your way to showing me that IKACs
are a good period judge of ability.  I'm not sure about y'all but in my
memories of Robin Hood it was head to head one arrow each best shot advances.
>Use the IKAC to judge us against other kingdoms,  use the RR to judge
ourselves against each other but don't tell me the IKAC is a good judge of
anything but an archer's ability to shoot an IKAC.
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>>I have a question for Ld Fearghus and the list. Why was the Royal Huntsman
>>created? It was my miss? understanding to promoat target archery (IKAC). I
>>belive that we (the archers) should get this shoot back on the track it was
>>ment to be on. For all of you saying listen to Plachoya talk about lets do
>>an IKAC but I have been to events where he ran the archery comp. and we shot
>>a realy weird long range shoot or some other elin. torunment, guilty I hat
>>IKAC for Champion shoots and find the "novality" shoots a lot more fun to
>>shot and run. This is not a novality shoot it is to determin the next Royal
>>My 50 cents.
>>>For the selection of champions I have really grown to like the elimination
>>>style brackets such as we shot at the last Huntsman shoot and was shot for
>>>the Loch Champion.  It turns it into more of what people think of as a
>>>"tournament" and it builds some excitement as the crowd watching realizes
>>>that with the very next arrow the two Archers currently shooting can either
>>>advance or be eliminated.  At the last tourney is was very cool and exciting
>>>to watch Robert and Sebastian go at it and literally win and lose with each
>>>shot by fractions on an inch.
>>Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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Plachoya Sobaka insignificant archer; Ravens Fort, Kingdom of Ansteorra

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