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Your Excellency;

    First my apologies for not replying sooner.  I have been away from home
until today.  I have no problems with your proposal.  I think that AoB is a
perfect setting for the Royal Huntsman competition.  I am writing this reply
before I catch up on the rest of my mail, I do not know how my fellow
archers feel as of yet.  Thank you for taking hold of the reins as it were
on this matter.


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> Galen here...
> Quoting Eadric Anstapa <eadric at>:
> > Based on conversation on the Red Tape list a few
> > weeks ago I believe that Duncan and Larissa are very
> > much open to being approached now about scheduling
> > the Royal Huntsman shoot for their Reign.
> This is true.  I approached them yesterday with my
> suggestion of holding the next Royal Huntsman
> competition at Academy of the Bow, just a week before
> their Coronation.  They like the idea, if the archery
> community does.  They already plan to be in attendance
> at Academy of the Bow.
> But I haven't checked with Wilim or Fearghus, and so I
> don't know what people -- including the autocrat of the
> event and the Kingdom Archery Marshal -- think about
> this.
> One obvious drawback is that means that one Royal
> Huntsman will serve for only just over two months from
> Spring Faire until Coronation.  Another drawback is
> whatever size monkeywrench it'll throw into the class
> schedule at AoB; I don't have any idea how big a
> problem that is.
> One apparant advantage is that the Royal Huntsman could
> be chosen at AoB, and then invested as part of the
> Coronation ceremony, like the King's Champion.  Another
> is that we could then immediately turn around and begin
> seeking bids kingdom-wide for the following reign's
> Royal Huntsman's tourney.
> This needs feedback.  Sebastian?  Fearghus?  Wilim?
> Anybody?  Anybody?
> I'm copying the Crown Princess on this posting so that
> she'll have an update on the status of this suggestion,
> and know that it's by no means a done deal.
> - Galen
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