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Sarah Bingham butrflykyssis at
Thu Apr 12 13:50:35 PDT 2001

Hey Chass, Ur from the Canton of Rundell r ya not? (I thynk I've seen u on
one of the Northern lysts) <g> newayz...
> > Greetings and Hi There,
> > 
> > While at the war, talking to Fearghus in the arrow
> > factory, he brought a
> > possible modification.
> Ohhh Do tell?? I want info :) lol the more i have the
> better my chances of makeing it here where no one
> wants to come teach us poor people how to do combat
We are making an attempt to get someone here in NortKeep to teach both CA &
making arrows..etc, mebbe if Rundell is interested too, *as I know there is
interest in Mooneschadwe too* we can get somethyng arranged (Now we must
fynd someone wylling to teach us who dont know how :))

> > That modification is stiffer vanes using tooldip. 
> > Well there is a bit more
> > to it that that.  Currently, most arrows are made
> Explain the method if you can and if not we must tie
> Fearghus down and get it from him lol.
Wyll you be @ NRW thys weekend? I believe Fearghus wyll be makin an
appearance on Sat :) *correct me if I'm wrong, Wilim* So u myght can
'corner' him there *LOL*

> > with the vanes about 1 1/2
> > inches forward of the nock.  To do this, the vanes
> > will basically have to be
> > glued on to the nock.  Not sure if this will work. 
> > I'll try it tonight.  To
> > test it, I'll make a special arrow with nocks at
> > both end.  I'll shoot the
> > arrow at my helm and sees what will happen.
> Hmmmm i wanna know how it comes out :) even if ya
> gotta do it privately
> Chass Brown aka Chairinthalis Del Sans Armorer Extrodinare
 I apologize to y'all for styckin my nose in ;)
Slan ~*Muirenn*~

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