ARCH - something to try

Scott Powers spowers at
Thu Apr 12 14:21:39 PDT 2001

>We are making an attempt to get someone here in NortKeep to teach both CA &
>making arrows..etc, mebbe if Rundell is interested too, *as I know there is
>interest in Mooneschadwe too* we can get somethyng arranged (Now we must
>fynd someone wylling to teach us who dont know how :))

>Wyll you be @ NRW thys weekend? I believe Fearghus wyll be makin an
>appearance on Sat :) *correct me if I'm wrong, Wilim* So u myght can
>'corner' him there *LOL*

I am planning on being at Northern Regional Warlord for the archery.  Earl
Barn is running that particular contest, as he is last year's winner.

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