[Ansteorra-archery] RR Update 07-16-01

Pop Tart Girl darcy at seacove.net
Tue Jul 17 13:13:06 PDT 2001

Well, I'm pretty sure she has shot more that enough times.  I checked with
Robert last night and he said he sent in the scores but would verify.  One
of them things that make you go hummmmmmmmm.

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> "Dewart, Charles R."     :
> > OK, I'll bite.  I still don't see Darcy's score on there.  This is
> > good.  Every time you do my name I loss another "T".  I only have one
> >
> > Gilbert Ost Westley  :)
> >
> Gilli,
> You don't see Darcy on that list because she doesn't have an official
> average.   To have an average you must have three recorded scores for a
> division and at least one away score recorded for that division within the
> past year.  Last time I looked there were no scores for Darcy and with the
> recent Ravensfort submission she will have a single score submitted.
> Just as when you look at our Kingdoms IKAC scores your only see the three
> highest qualifying scores/archers when you look at the Royal Rounds list
> only see the the people who have completed an offical average.
> That said, there are some mistakes which I found last night and pointed
> to Iaen.  He will be double checking things in the next couple of days.
> In the future, once we get the database the way we want it, we will
> have separate reports that show complete and incomplete averages as well
> which events have had their scores recorded.  One of these days...
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