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I will get in touch with the Loch Ruadh Archery Marshal and walk him through submitting the scores he has.  I actually managed to score a personal best so I suppose I have a stake in it too.


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>I just went through all the submisions I have received this year and the
>only scores submitted by Glaslyn/Lindenwood have been the practices.  You
>and your lord are not listed on any of them.  I have not received any scores
>from Lughnasad nor Defender of the Flame either by e-mail or snail mail.  I
>would suggest talking to the marshal in charge and having him/her e-mail me
>and explain why they have not been submitted ( Lughnasad still has about 15
>days left in the 30 day period) these scores.           Iaen Mor
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>> Lothair Wildehaar <rampanthare at yahoo.com> said:
>> > My Lord,
>> >
>> > Neither my scores nor that of my Lord husband are on
>> > your list.  I know that I should have at least the
>> > following scores in,  from Glaslyn Defender of the
>> > Flame, one from Eastfield practice, from Academy of
>> > the Bow and finally from Lughnasad.  My lord should
>> > have serveral from Eastfield as well as from Defender
>> > of the Flame.  That was before he was archery marshal.
>> >
>> >
>> > Roana Fitzstephen
>> > Lothair Wildehaar
>> First, Please remember that Lord Iaen does not submit the scores he only
>> reports an average of what has been submitted to him.
>> Second, please remember that for you have an offical average you must
>> at least once.  You must record at least one score at an event away from
>> normal range and marshals.   If you only submit scores from the Eastfield
>> practice and Glaslyn events then you will never get an official average.
>> must travel to an event sposored by another group.
>> Third, the first thing you should do if you worry that a score may not
>> been recorded is to ask the marshal who was in charge of the event WHEN
>> they submit the scores.  Scores must be submitted within 30 days of the
>> shoot.  It is the responsibility of the Marshal in Charge to see that the
>> scores are submitted.  A quick look through the online data I don't see
>> scores submitted from Lughnasad or Defender of the Flame but I guess there
>> a possibility that they sent US Postal Service hardcopy to Iaen so I dont
>> them or I am just missing them.  AoB was submitted and there have been
>> submitted from the Eastfield practices held 7/22, 7/29, 8/05.
>> Finally, a quick note to everyone about the RR web pages.  The tables that
>> list the current standings are now dynamically created on the fly from
>> files that Iaen exports to the server and they dates show for the last
>> is the date the file was last modified.  All this really means to the rest
>> you is that the web pages should be more up-to-date because Iaen no longer
>> needs me to create HTML or upload anything to the server.
>> Always in Service,
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