[Ansteorra-archery] Drachenwald Archery

Susan Hill sueorintx at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 2 04:16:16 PDT 2006

The Shire of Ad Flumen Caerulum in Austria, recently held an event called 
Hunting Season that had some interesting targets and other archery 
accoutrements. You can find photos by going to the following site and then 
clicking on photos, 2006, and Hunting Season.


This group is also hosting the Kingdom's Fall Crown Tourney and has some 
photos of the site (a real castle). One of their planned activities for the 
weekend is a special tour of the Graz Armory.

"The armoury in Graz is a museum of late period arms and armour – founded as 
a defensive measure against Turkish incursions. It is still housed in its 
original building and its extensive collection is presented very much in the 
original style – stacked on warehouse style wooden shelves … Graz is the 
only “period” armoury in the world still capable of completely outfitting 
several thousand fighters. It is interesting to note that the majority of 
the stored weapons and armour would be the normal “munition grade” equipment 
issued to regular soldiers – but there are also some very nice examples of 
officers gear as well as artillery and many of the tools associated with a 
large armoury.

We have managed to arrange a special guided tour through this armoury  like 
we did for Kingdom University 2004. You will be allowed to take pieces from 
the shelves, handle them personally and inspect them closely. We also plan 
to visit the armoury restoration workshop, where you will have opportunity 
to ask even more questions."

To find more about this, click on the abovementioned site, then on Crown 
Tournament, and then Supporting Programme.

Lyneya de Grey

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