[Ansteorra-archery] While were shaking things up ...

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What about doing a tourney that requires you shoot all forms of archery, 
longbow, recurve, crossbow, and combat archery. We could even do it 
where you have to show up with no arrows made, you have to make them and 
shoot them and you are timed.

There are an endless number of shoots that can be done. Some of these 
start to border on ridiculous, but Arthur is right. It is up to the 
Marshal running it and the B&B or Crown that they are running it for.

I also believe that a true Champion wins it once to prove they can, then 
helps others to get there and win it also, then from time to time they 
can come back and win it again but it not be back-to-back-to-back with 
only one person in between all of the time. Help others, teach others, 
guide others, LEAD others, that is a CHAMPION (at least in my opinion)


On 2/15/2012 9:51 PM, Ld.blackmoon wrote:
> greetings
> sorry , I'm really not trying to pick on you .
> but , this is one of the problems I have noticed in the past , and you
> have just brought it to the forefront , so I figure I better comment on
> it before I forget it again.
> your post pushes the image that true " champions " do only one thing "
> win the title ".
> I'm sorry to see that as an example in any sport, especially archery .
> but it does spot light the difference between combat archers " heavy
> weapons " mentality. and target archers mentality.
> as a heavy weapons fighter there is one directive " win " ,
> unfortunately some lose sight of the more important aspects of the
> competition, and you see them wearing rhino plate armor, or ignoring
> shots , etc....
> this gains them no respect , so I don't see why it should be different
> on the archery ranges : /
> while in the target archery community it has been common to understand
> that how you act , speak to your fellow archers,spectators, etc. is some
> times more important than a " title ".
> and deciding whether or not you can fulfill the duties and obligations
> of that title are always more important than actually " winning " that
> title .
> I have seen newbie's post of wanting to enter championship title shoots
> in order to take out as many other archers as possible ... and yet they
> have no desire to fulfill the obligations of that title, no desire to
> test themselves against the best archers attending that event , it
> saddens me to see posts of this nature , because those people really
> believe that a bad attitude, lack of honor,and drama , will make archery
> much more exiting to watch / participate in : (
> as to multiple champions, all we can do is discuss possibilities, it is
> up to the crowns to decide what they want , where they want it and how
> they want it . we don't make the decisions, all we do is give them
> options .
> your correct there are many prejudices even in the missile community,
> should we all be required to shoot only period gear, should crossbows
> have their own championships, titles, should crossbowmen be made to only
> shoot while standing with one foot in the air, one hand on their butt,
> while singing god save the queen ??? at this time those are all left up
> to the individual marshals running the shoots, their personal
> prejudices, and skills as a marshal.
> if I really don't want a recurve to win , I limit the competition to
> period gear ,if I don't want a longbow / recurve to win , I stack the
> rounds so that crossbows are much more likely to win ( static distances,
> no timed rounds, longer ranges ) if I don't want crossbows to win I
> reverse it, multiple ranges, speed rounds, close targets, over obstacle
> targets at close range, limited shots, a good and fair marshal will try
> to give everyone an equal chance to win without inflicting their own
> prejudices on the tournament.
> but the truth is many marshals aren't that skilled , so you see a lot of
> " fun " shoots in title competitions, that rely on luck instead of
> skill, or shoots obviously tilted one way or another.
> again a lot of options and things to think about.
> just my opinion
> Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
> Arthur
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>> Can we eliminate speed rounds? Cause I suck at those. I mean really...
>> what we're asking for is a tournament that suits us right?
>> We have a tourney format currently that is going to exclude Static
>> shooters and that pretty much sucks big time. I'm not sure how me
>> being able to get an extra round worth of points means you have to be
>> that much better. If we get to that final round and we're close and I
>> can shoot CA and you can't, then you're darn right I should be able to
>> have that advantage. I worked for it. I practiced every week and
>> learned the same as an archer perfecting his speed round.
>> I've seen complaints with many different Formats... Crossbows being
>> allowed to sit, Shooting at 3d targets, Static targets @ unknown
>> ranges without a chance to practice on those targets, Even if a target
>> was setup for warmup people wanted to figure out which leaf they we're
>> going to use to Bullseye those "unknown" distances.
>> The simple fact of the matter is that people will always want a format
>> that suits them. I don't want a tourney that makes previous rounds
>> moot. But if there's a round your not going to do well in or not going
>> to be able to compete at all in... Yeah... do better in the rounds you
>> can compete in. And trust than any archer that can be near the top at
>> the end of the competition and then load on armor and switch to blunts
>> and dominate THAT field too... well then they are what we call
>> "Champions".
>> I really don't see that having a War Champion and a Peace Champion
>> helps any except to enshrine into law only being able to compete half
>> the time... Sitting out one round or sitting out one Tourney... I
>> think I know which I'd pick.
>> YiS,
>> Wilim
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