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BTW, I don't think she means challenging in a purely medical way. These scenarios should be workable by those with basic first aid and CPR. The challenges may be crowd control, the environment, safety, transporting the patient, and basic medical. If it imparts medical knowledge that we can use, so much the better.
The line between Chirurgeon and your own certs is we can do anything that does not require a medical cert or license providing we don't exceed our training. So if we get additional training in the scenarios classes and the procedures are not restricted to licensed or certified medical people, then we can do it if we feel it is appropriate. (This last paragraph is paraphrasing the Chirurgeon General).
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Greetings all!
I have a request to make.  Several of you work in the Emergency care field, and some have seen some truly interesting cases as Chirurgeons.  As you know, we occasionally run a 'Scenarios' class in the Chirurgeon Training stuff.  Well, I need fresh material.  So, if anyone has a 'good', challenging case, please write it up and send it to me - and we'll use it in the class.
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