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Sun Aug 1 13:02:16 PDT 1999

Cadet Marquet de la Heyt

I would agree that there is a need for a reaching out to different groups.  
However, I feel as a prerequisite we would do well to identify our goals.  
While the rewards of duello are many and individuals vary in what attracts 
them, I would like to speak to perhaps a different level.

At the risk of sounding like a cliche, I would like to propose we consider a 
"Mission Statement" that is so popular with the corporate motivional gurus 
of the mundane world.  Why should individuals fight duello?  Of what value 
is it in our world today?  What aspects of duello are we seeking to 
emphasize?  Why should duellists care to support/promote the mission 
statement?  The more we promote and model our goals, the more the rapier 
community will be a vital CONTRIBUTOR to the SCA.

Yes, in larger groups throughout Ansteora, rapier groups do in fact 
contribute greatly to the local SCA groups.  However, I agree that this may 
not be the case throughout the kingdom.  I too would like a sense of 
community with other rapier-fighters.  This is not possible in my local 
group owing to the lack of interest in duello.

I was recently witness to the "scarffing" (I know, that's not a proper term) 
of someone to be a cadet.  The ceremony was moving.  The sense of teacher 
and student and commitment to the practice of duello was something special.  
But the promise made, by the Don, was not to teach the pupil to be a better 
fencer.  The promise was to instruct and encourage this person in "the way".

Two simple words..."the way".  They can mean so much to someone that is 
interested in a sincere study of the more nobler side of "man". To 
illustrate.  At 20th year celebration, I saw one of our more senior ladies 
take a folding chair from the side of the great hall and carry it about 80 
feet, in front of, and past many able-bodied gentlemen until finally a kind 
gentle offered to carry the burden for her.
I have no doubt as to the fighting ability of many good gentles in rapier.  
But what of their interest in others and the SCA?

There are so many in our community with so much to offer if they are given 
the proper encouragement and direction.  There is so much that we can be 
proud of.  There is so much that we can share with others if we set the 
proper expectations from and with each other.

I apologize for my rambling speech.  I believe Cadet Marquet, that you 
struck a cord with me.  To summarize my long-winded babble.  I too would 
like for our community to identify goals.  Goals, that demand the best from 
us as people not just as duellists.

In service,

Ld. Alessandro

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