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Thu Aug 12 17:50:09 PDT 1999

Here's my take on the long weapon vs the short weapon.

Is it an unfair advantage?  I'd say that, in most cases, it's probably an
advantage, but it is an unfair one in at least some cases.  It really
depends on who is using the respective weapons, what their fighting styles
are, and what their experience is with both their chosen weapon and the
weapon they are facing.  For example, a short sniper with a 35" blade who
has never faced a longer blade vs a tall sniper very experienced with the
40" blade vs a 35" blade.  I would say that is, indeed, an unfair

As far as the sabre bell, never really considered it an advantage or a
disadvantage.  Just different.

A longer or shorter blade, when you get right down to it, are just
differences in the same weapon.  It is believed that each has certain
advantages and disadvantages that balance each other out for the most
part.  What it comes really comes down to is skill and and experience with
the weapons.

This is similar to cloaks and bucklers.  We see the in all variety of
sizes, but there is no great debate over the fairness of that.  Why?
Because we are used to fighting with and against such a variety.

Given the current number of longer weapons in use, I would hazard that
the use of one, in a lot of cases, probably isn't entirely fair as many
don't have the experience fighting against them.  And on the list field is
not the place to get that experience.  From a practical standpoint, would
you want to get your first experience facing such a weapon in a live duel,
or would you prefer to do it at the salle?

As for the short fighter with the 40" vs the tal fighter with the 35".
It's probably reasonably equal.  How about a short person 5'5" with a 35"
vs a tall person 6'4" with a 40"?  Just remember what is said about
fighting in general.  Given two equally experienced opponents, the bigger 
man will almost always defeat the smaller man.


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