ARN - Advantages

Brent & Susan Rachel hbrache at
Tue Aug 10 13:21:03 PDT 1999

Boy, the goals thing sure died fast, didn't it.  I guess Ansgar and I just said all there
was to say. ;-)

Here a new one for you.., ND I WANT MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION HERE..., NO LURKING! ;-)

If an opponents weapon is longer than yours, do you consider this to be an **UNFAIR**

Do you see it as just a **regular old** advantage like a sabre bell?

Do you see it as **just another difference** between weapons, each weapon having it's own
inherent advantages *and* disadvantages?

Is a 40" weapon in the hands of a short person and advantage over a 35" in the hands of a
tall man?

Will Sandy find out that her mother is secretly dating Dr. Jorden, the very doctor who
just gave her husband a vascectomy?

Kazimir Petrovich

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