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<< If an opponents weapon is longer than yours, do you consider this to be an 

 No, if my opponent feels so threatened that he/she must use a longer blade 
than the good old 35" then by all means, use it.  

 <<Do you see it as just a **regular old** advantage like a sabre bell?
A saber bell is an advantage?

 <<Do you see it as **just another difference** between weapons, each weapon 
<<having it's own
 <<inherent advantages *and* disadvantages?

 <<Is a 40" weapon in the hands of a short person and advantage over a 35" in 
the <<hands of a
 <<tall man? >>

So, who are the two people?  Are we talking about a 3 foot midget who might 
have won Queen's and a 7 foot giant who picked up a blade yesterday?

Personally, it really does not matter to me if my opponent uses a 40" blade.  
I am rather confident in my self, and am aware of certain hormonal imbalances 
that may cause stunted appendage growth.  If someone feels the need to use 
an.......extension in order to compete with others, then so be it.

Harry Heywood
Cadet to Baron Kazimir Petrovich
indiscriminate thrower of s#$t.
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