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Tim Goins timgoins at
Tue Aug 10 22:50:19 PDT 1999

>Last weekend at Stepps Artisan I attended  the Queen's rapier fighter
>meeting, this meeting excluded the Order of the White Scarf.  At the
>meeting someone brought up that often the experienced fighters where
>always fighting each other and didn't make time  for the newer fighters
>at practices and/or during pick-up fights.  Or that maybe was that we
>didn't make enought time, and the newer fighters didn't feel like they
>belonged.   Do others see this as a problem?  What do you think we can
>do to improve this?

>Marquet de la Heyt
>Cadet to Don Donovan

Marquet, I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I have seen no such problem.  Most of the
people I know are very willing to work and practice with fighters of ANY skill level. For me it is
because rapier is fun and whenever I pick up a blade I want to practice/play with everyone
available and hate when I have to quit and go home.  
Ld. Andrew Selwyn
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