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Marquet de le Heyt wrote:

> If the fighter is changing from the longer blade (say del-tin or Schlager)
> to the shorter one (say  epee) then s/he has to adjust  his/her reach each
> time they switch swords, which may make their shots fall short, or they
> might hit too hard with the longer blade.  If its the only blade they use,
> I would
> hope they have another back up just like it in their bag........  Of
> course with practice I'm sure one can develop the skill required to make
> the weapon switch over,  but it in a bout if you forget just
> might end up laying on the field dead......
Amerinda replies:

A foil handles differently from an epee which handles differently from an
schlager.  If you are switching between them then you should learn the
differences as opposed to trying to make them more the same (example - using
a longer epee to emulate the schlager length).  One of the key reasons why I
have not ran out and purchased a schlager is because I want to become better
with an epee before I try to learn a new weapon style.

If switching between weapons styles (and as a result blade lengths) effects
a fighter to the extent that they feel they are unsafe on the field then
they should not enter a tourney.  Keep to practices until you feel more in

Remember that an opponent can always refuse to face a non standard blade.  I
don't want to have to worry that if I refuse to face an opponent with a non
standard blade that I might get hurt as a result.

Amerinda di Praga
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