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Ok I'll bite.  I am not that good with  Florentine; however, I love dagger work.

Gail P. Taylor wrote:

> 1.  You have dagger and your opponent had case.  What are
> your favorite attacks, defences, and what do you absolutely
> avoid doing?

Well with a dagger it's always nice to get that one step in on you opponent.
Many times, you'll be able to parry both the swords with yours step in and take
them out with the dagger.    That's the key to many dagger attacks is getting
that one or two steps in on your opponent.  When you get the step in on them
they have two major options.  retreat, or attempt a draw cut, your to close for
them to confortable fix a point on you.

When fighting against flotentine, I would try to parry both blades with your
blade, or try to cross up all three blades together then step in with the
dagger.  If you can do this all in one movement it works great.  EI:  fake
attack with blade, at last minute trap oponent's blades then step in again with
left foot and take them out with dagger.   Of course there are many many
posiblities of what will happen.

Whne the roles are revericed make sure to keep you distiance for your opponent,
and don't let them tie up your blades.  Kkeep them off you by throwing attacks
with both hands, and keep your blades in different planes if you can to keep
them from tieing uo your blades.

Hope this helps,  This is the way I would fight it....might not work you  but
try it and see.

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Student to Don Donovan
Shire of Adlersruhe, Ansteorra

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