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Wed Jun 2 18:22:30 PDT 1999

Greetings all.
I am Lord James De Warrenne, Cadet to Don Oengus of the Greymist(Outlands). 
I have now lived in Ansteorra for many years.

I can agree with what Delphina has said here.  The red scarf I received was 
an agreement between me and my Don. (student..teacher)  No other promises 
were made.  It means(to me) that someone had noted my skills and believes I 
can do better.

When I started in the SCA, all I wanted to do was learn to fence.  But it 
quickly became more.  I saw a group in which to be helpful in small ways.  I 
was awarded for that service after 3 years with an AoA.
I felt my loyalty to the nobles was returned.

That red scarf means (to me) that we have become examples.  What the 
unscarfed would like to be.  Just as the white scarfs are examples of what 
we want to be.  Chivalric, Honorable, Courteus (and darn good fencers) :)

I lost sight of that for awhile, blinded by hate.  Now I see that becoming a 
white scarf is also the ability to overlook such hatred.  Move the personal 
feelings aside.  Serve thier Majesties, and the people as a whole...not just 
personal friends. (or whose butt can i kiss today)

I looked at myself and said "You know, I had more fun at this game when I 
put others in front of me."  I am now going back to that train of thought.

To Delphina, I hope to meet you on the field of Honor soon.  I would enjoy 
to meet someone who openly states to being an example of what others wish to 

Sorry if I rambled...been silent much to long.

Yours in service,
Lord James
Shire of Tempio

>First, I am Delphina de Champeaux cadet to Don Etienne de Montagu. I
>have been his cadet for four now and have had this belief long before
>I feel that my scarf has nothing to do with anyone but my Don and those
>whom he sees fit to cadet.  My loyatiles are to the Crown, namely the
>Queen and Princess.  I will do their bidding.  I will not, however
>support the idea that the cadets of the Dons of Ansteorra are a group
>unto themselves.  We are the fencers who have caught the notice of a
>white scarf.  That Don(a) has said that they will help us become a
>better fencer, leader and person.  That is the award I received when I 
>accepted my red scarf, I need no other.
>I hope to live up to Her and  Etienne's expectations.
>On to the idea of the cadets coming together to improve the community.
>Everytime you step out on to the field, everytime you fight a new
>person, everytime you help a child/adult with a task that they are
>doing, everytime you teach someone about the arts you do so well,
>everytime you speak kind words to another, everytime you see what needs
>to be done and do it without pomp you are improving the SCA more than
>you will ever know.Everyone should come together in order to make that
>kind of improvement.

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