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Sat Jun 5 21:34:03 PDT 1999

>That red scarf means (to me) that we have become examples.  What the 
>unscarfed would like to be.  Just as the white scarfs are examples of 
>we want to be.  Chivalric, Honorable, Courteus (and darn good fencers)

	Have you considered that there are some out there who don't wish to
become red scarves, that we, or at least I, don't hold cadets in the sort
of awe inspired position to look for guidence from?  Am I less a duelist
because I have not been hand picked by a don?  Does it make me any less
Chivalric, Noble, Honorable, or Courteus?  Can someone explain to me why
I am less honorable to choose not to devote myself to one teacher, one
way.  I am not meaning to say that I do not consider white scarves are
good teachers, but the thought that I am less of a man for not wearing a
piece of red fabric on my shoulder begins to bring out those ignoble
thoughts that so frequent us primitives.


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 really is, for as to toiling from morn to evening on a wooden stool, 
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certainly is not living."      Alexander Dumas "The Black Tulip"

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