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Mon Jun 7 08:22:25 PDT 1999

A question was asked earlier about how cadets view people who don't wear

Once I get beyond Dons and non-dons, I subdivide people into, "Individuals whom
I do or don't know".

I know most of the Dons and Cadets, at least by sight, as they've generally been
around longer.

Of the people whom I know, two of the more skilled and honorable fighters we
presently have in Ansteorra, Lord Lionardo Acquistapace and HL Aeron Harper,
have chosen for personal and/or persona reasons not to become cadets.  Others
whom I don't know, may be making the same choice....or may simply not have been
noticed yet by a don, or live anywhere near a don.

An assumption that I do make:  When I see a new cadet show up, I generally
assume that this person has a modicum of knowledge about the SCA and rapier

I don't make any assumption about non-scarved unfamiliar fighters.  I have to
get to know them, first.  Regarding skill...they may have been strip fencers for
years...or may have moved from elsewhere.  Regarding time in the SCA/SCA
knowledge...who is to say that they have not been playing longer than I
have...but just not fencing?

Finally...regarding my response when fighting unfamiliar people.   I don't
presume that the red scarf that I wear gives me the right to critique their
fighting for them, unless they express an interest in my opinion following an
opening line of "I saw something that you were doing....".   The same goes for
teaching someone something....they might want to learn by fighting me, rather
than having me talk them to death.  It all comes down to communication, and
sensitivity with dealing with others....


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